D.J. Tanner Spills 7 'Fuller House' Secrets That Will Make You Scream 'Oh, Mylanta!'

Cameron Candace Bure tells MTV News that "Full House" fans are "gonna feel at home again."

"Fuller House" hasn't even premiered yet, but it's already at the top of our list when it comes to the most anticipated events in 2016. Weddings? Whatever. Babies? Who cares. Graduations? How cute. Nothing can compare to the excitement we have for the "Full House" revival.

But we're not the only ones. The cast of the 13-episode Netflix series is even more psyched than we are, according to star Candace Cameron Bure (D.J. Tanner).

"'Fuller House' has been the most amazing experience so far. We’ve shot two episodes already. And it’s just like coming home," Cameron Bure said during a recent press day to promote her new book, Dancing Through Life. "We are having so much fun."

"I know how excited the fans are but we are just as excited, because having shot the first two shows, we know how good it is," she added. "We’re like, 'It’s so good! You guys are gonna love this.' Even the people that have been in some of the live audience shows have cried over the fact that it’s so nostalgic for them. The memories are incredible, and they’re just excited to see the the progression of these characters that they grew up with."

The first episode of "Fuller House" will reunite the entire cast -- well, nearly everyone -- for a full-fledged reunion that will kick off D.J., Stephanie and Kimmy's new journey. It was an incredibly emotional reunion for the cast, some of whom haven't see each other since the show was canceled in 1995.

"Blake and Dylan [Tuomy-Wilhoit] were babies when we last saw them 20 years ago, and to see them as young men was so great," the 39-year-old actress said. "Even seeing their mom was emotional! I think people forget, because we were kids, all of our moms were on set watching us and that in itself was incredible for all of our parents to reunite."

"Fuller House" will follow D.J. Fuller (née Tanner) as she struggles to raise her three young children after her husband's untimely death. Following in Uncle Joey and Uncle Jesse's footsteps, D.J.'s sister Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin) and her best friend Kimmy (Andrea Barber) move in with the Fuller family to help out.

Since we still don't know a whole lot about the nostalgia-evoking show, we decided to ask Cameron Bure some of our burning questions. Here are all of the secrets she spilled:

D.J. didn't inherit her dad's OCD, but...

Full House Gif

"D.J. isn't as OCD as Danny Tanner, but she's definitely pretty straight laced and organized," Cameron Bure said. "She's like a list-maker. She likes to make lists and check things off."

Say what?! Kimmy and Stephanie will team up.

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"The really fun dynamic between our three characters is that we’re all really different," she told MTV News. "We’re seeing who we are today, as women and as parents, but there's a great dynamic between Stephanie and Kimmy. They love each other underneath, but they don’t really get along. Kimmy was always the friend that no one wanted who DJ still loved. But now, you'll see a lot of new dynamics where Kimmy and Stephanie will team up because they need to either set DJ straight or get her to loosen up."

It's going to tackle today's topics.

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"I think the biggest difference between 'Full House' and 'Fuller House' is that this show is going to handle today's topics -- it’s current and it’s modern," she said. "We’re dealing with things today that we never dealt with 20 years ago. Our kids are are on social media and they have cellphones, that just opens up whole different conversations."

"I remember the episode where [D.J.] got her red lips phone and her own phone line, and that was so huge to get her own phone line," Cameron Bure recalled. "And now you can’t even imagine life without a cell phone, all the things that go with that and the conversations that don't happen because of cellphones, it's just a whole different world raising kids. And the fact that we have a single gal, that's helping raise kids -- we have a single and widowed mom, and we have a divorced mom,also. So those are some changes and it just lends to a lot more story lines than the original show."

But the heart of the show is still the same.



"The heart of the show is so there, the funny is right there, we have amazing kids on the show that the fans are gonna fall in love with," she said. "I think there’s enough differences with 'Fuller House' that it is a brand new show but it's so familiar that fans are just gonna feel so comfortable watching it. They're just gonna feel at home again."

Some of your favorite catchphrases will be back.


Cut it out! The actress says "there will be several catchphrases from the original series" in "Fuller House," but wouldn't reveal which ones. But we have a pretty sneaking suspicion that "Oh, Mylanta!" will be referenced at least once in the premiere episode.

Do D.J. and Steve have a shot at a happily ever after?

DJ and Steve

"It was so fun to have Scott [Weinger] back on set. I think it's fulfilling every young girls' dream of meeting up with their ex-boyfriend who they loved but it wasn't the right time or they were too young," Cameron Bure said. "I feel like I'm doing this for America. And I think fans will be happy with it."

"Scott is not an actor anymore, although we did a little stint together on this show he was writing and producing called 'The Neighbors,' and it was fun to reunite on that show, but this is just way more surreal. He was so adorable. We shot that episode that he's in, and he kept saying, 'Am I doing everything OK? I haven’t acted in a while.' I’m like, 'You’re amazing Scott. Chill out.'"

It doesn't have a theme song -- yet.

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"I don’t know what they’re doing with the theme song," she said. "I think a lot of people are hoping that it's going to have some of the original lyrics in there. A remix of the original theme song would be great with some current, cool singer. That would be awesome. We'll see what huge 'Full House' fans are out there... Taylor Swift, are you out there? Are you a fan of 'Full House?' I’d like you to sing my theme song."