Here's How Someone Much Smarter Than You Found Childish Gambino's Secret '3005' Remix

Check out the "3005" remix.

In December, when Childish Gambino released a 72-page screenplay based around the music from his album, Because the Internet, he mentioned a secret track. Now, almost a year later, the track is here -- thanks to some diligent digging by his fans.

The last track on his KAUAI EP, which dropped over the weekend, was an instrumental called "3005 (Beach Picnic Version)." On Twitter, Donald told his fans -- who he knew had been feverishly trying to find the secret track for months -- this would help them on their quest.

"[PLAY SECRET TRACK 9 1/2 [CODED] NOW]," the script read. The ninth song on the album was "3005," -- so it's actually not surprising that track 9 1/2 is a remix.

How it was found was pretty impressive, though.

One Reddit user was able to piece together some coding from the script to find an a capella and then laid the vocals over the KAUAI instrumental.

"People keep asking how I found it, so I'll try and explain," user peepsie112 wrote. "new audioObject("30059","12zzQ809",234) is a line of code used to play 3005 on the because the internet script, "12zzQ809" is the song id or file name, so instead of using "12zzQ809", I just replaced it with lemongrab because above the secret track section it says "[LEMONGRAB: UNNACCEPTABLE!]", nothing too special really."

If that makes your brain hurt, just listen to the song below.

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