From First To Last Singer Dispels More Rumors, Reveals Why Band Left Warped

'I have a giant nodule on my right vocal cord,' Sonny Moore explains.

By now, From First to Last's Sonny Moore is probably used to Internet rumors about him. After all, "news" of his death made the rounds on MySpace and message boards twice within the past six months.

So it's sort of surprising that he's reacting with such vitriol to the latest batch of gossip -- that his band was booted off the Warped Tour because of its, according to one post, "rock-star, prima-donna attitudes." Remember, this is a guy who thought rumors of his own passing were "kind of cool" (see [article id="1533585"]"Death Rumors Aren't Rattling From First To Last Frontman Sonny Moore"[/article]).

"First of all, I would like to say that [the news site that published the rumor of FFTL's ouster] is the most unprofessional excuse for a music-news site. They have posted false news and rumors about our band numerous times," Moore told MTV News via e-mail. "These Neanderthals just loosely post whatever garbage sounds the most dramatic. Their sources of information are about as reliable as a chimpanzee's."

OK then. Well, if it wasn't FFTL's egos that got them booted from Warped, then what was the reason for their departure? Well, as it turns out, it was Moore's faulty vocal cords -- which he's been battling for more than two years now -- that spelled doom for the band.

"I have a giant nodule on my right vocal cord. I've been struggling ever since I joined FFTL. I joined the day before I started vocals for the first album and have never really known how to sing properly," Moore wrote. "Then, a couple weeks after we were done with [2004's Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has a Body Count], we started touring and a week and a half into it I lost my voice for the first time and had to go home to rest while the other guys stayed on the tour and kept playing the songs without me.

"This happened numerous times; I would lose my voice and would have to take shows off. I developed my first nodule about a year later and went in for my first surgery in May 2005," he continued. "I started singing and touring right after I recovered, which gave me zero time to get vocal training. So it was inevitable that it was going to happen again. And that is what brings me here today."

"Here" is Los Angeles, where on Wednesday Moore will undergo a second surgery to remove the nodule from his cord. In the meantime, he's not able to speak much -- hence the e-mail interview -- and in a way, that's even more frustrating. Because he wants to lash out at those Internet smack-talkers. And harshly worded e-mails just don't seem to cut it.

"Obviously, [the site that spread the rumors] wouldn't know what a reliable source was if it bit them ... or they wouldn't be so off-point all of the time," he wrote. "Or maybe I'm wrong. Maybe they just don't like our band and like to spread sh---y rumors about us. Who knows, but either way, and for the record, the rumors aren't true. Don't believe me? Go ask [Warped Tour founder Kevin] Lyman yourself."

And we did, reaching out to Lyman via e-mail (he was on the road with Warped). And as it turns out, he backed up Moore's story 100-percent, adding that From First to Last were model citizens on the tour, and he would welcome them back as soon as the singer was well enough to perform.

"I'm not sure where this all came from, but it's bullsh--. He left the tour with nodes on his throat and from what I know he went straight home from [the June 28 Warped Tour stop in] Atlanta to get surgery," Lyman wrote. "And I have actually been holding their spot for them. Because if Sonny felt better and wanted them to come back, then he would certainly be welcome."

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