Liam And Amy's Bomb Is Ready To Drop On 'Faking It' Season 2

Check out the trailer for the upcoming episodes, and see what's in store at Hester High!

If you thought you had reason to dread a new school year, be thankful you're not walking to class in Amy's, Liam's or Karma's shoes.


"Faking It," which returns to MTV on September 23 at 10:30/9:30c, will answer all of Hester High's most burning questions: Can Karma resurrect her friendship with Amy after rejecting her romantically? Will Karma find out about Amy and Liam's drunken hookup? know....why is Lauren's football star boyfriend bound and gagged? As Shane fittingly puts it in the trailer below:


And it's not just your usual favorites who plan to make waves in Season 2. "Orange is the New Black" star Laverne Cox is slated to be the head of Hester High's drama department, Yvette Monreal will play a confident, rebellious DJ named Regan and Keith Powers will play Theo, a typical Southern charmer.

Plus, for those hoping "Faking It" will pepper its eps with more music, we can tell you that recent VMA winners FIFTH HARMONY will appear as an equally powerful girl group on the season's second episode. Not too shabby!

Check out the trailer, tell us what you think and be sure to tune in to the premiere in just a few short weeks!

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