Hailee Steinfeld Leaves A Clueless Boy Behind In ‘Most Girls’ Video

Girls rule, boys drool

Hailee Steinfeld lets you be the third wheel in her new music video, "Most Girls," but don't get too comfy. The date doesn't last long.

"I'm glad we got to hang out again. You're just..." the guy in the video begins, slowly but surely moving in for the Big Kiss. "What?" she responds, blushing.

"You're just not like most girls," he declares, confident this so-called compliment will make her swoon. He's wrong.

"Um, I gotta go," she says, leaving a very confused boy behind. If you're feeling a bit perplexed by this reaction, allow Steinfeld to explain via song.

Whether she's dressed to the nines in a glittery dress, sweating it out at the gym, painting "boy bye" signs, or chilling with a good book, the music video's message is clear: there's no "one type" of girl, and everyone's worth celebrating, no matter what they happen to be wearing that day. This is a judgment-free zone, where there are no preconceived notions about what a girl should or shouldn't be.