Apparently Richard Madden Has Too Much D**k For Disney

Drastic measures were taken to keep Madden's Prince Charming from getting cocky onscreen.

It's not easy to play the role of Prince Charming on the big screen. You have to ride horses. You have to wield swords!

And of course, you have to submit to having your scrotum strangled by an elaborate jockstrap that smoothes your genitals down to a sexless, non-descript, Ken Doll-esque bulge. Little kids are going to see this movie, you know.

Richard Madden was on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" last night (February 26) to talk about his role as Charming in the upcoming live-action "Cinderella," and he described in vivid detail the two-day process of trying on undergarments to go with his skin-tight white prince pants.

"The prince can't have any genitalia, apparently," Madden said. "We had about two days of screen tests where we had to try lots of different jock straps, just to make sure we can't see anything through the trousers."

The problem: The most effective of said jock straps was so constrictive that it made Richard cry.

He doesn't say how the crew ultimately solved his little big penis problem, but note that his business district is strategically hidden behind Cinderella's mammoth skirts in all the film's promo photos. Our guess: It's because the sight of the actor in his princely breeches would have sabotaged the film's PG rating beyond help.

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