'The Flash': Here's Why Zoom Is Nightmare Fuel Personified

Have you recovered from last night's episode yet? Yeah, me neither.

If you thought Reverse Flash was dangerous, you now know just how bad these speedsters can really get.

Season one of "The Flash" centered on the clash between Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanaugh), secretly a time-traveler named Eobard Thawne, and the personal score they had to settle between them. But that conflict is in the past. Now, we're all in on a brand new menace, someone with a grudge of his own against Barry — but it's less personal, more business, and therefore more frightening than we've ever seen on the show.

Enter: Zoom, a speedster from Earth-2 with the voice of Tony Todd, the horror icon from "Candyman" and "Final Destination." If his voice wasn't enough to chill your bones, then his actions are enough to break them. We saw this in action with last night's episode (actually called "Enter Zoom"), as the fully-masked speedster, groaning and hissing with his venom-dripped voice, kicked the ever-loving spit out of our hero, and then displayed his motionless body for all of Central City to see.


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Keep observing…

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Observe some more…

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…and yeah, that's enough. You don't need to see Zoom dragging Barry all up and down Central City like a shattered rag doll any more than that. Besides, the image is already burned into your brain forever, isn't it?

Seriously, this was not just the scariest scene we have ever seen on "The Flash," but one of the scariest scenes we have seen on any show, period, full-stop. It's such an incredibly vulnerable look at one of the most optimistic heroes on television, utterly helpless as Zoom parades him around for all his loved ones to see.

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Contributing to the nightmare sensation is the fact that we know so little about Zoom. We know where he's from. We know he wants to destroy all speedsters in order to become the uncontested fastest man alive in this world and all other worlds. That's basically it.

But there's much we can assume — like the fact that he's fully masked is very much intentional, so when he's revealed, both Barry and viewers alike will be horrified at the person underneath. Theories are running rampant about Zoom's identity, from an alternate universe Thawn (be it Edward or Eobard), to Barry's father Henry, and perhaps even Barry himself.

Whoever Zoom really is, he's almost certainly a known quantity in some capacity — and that makes what he just did to Barry so much worse. Someone we probably know and maybe even love kicked Barry's ass, embarrassed him in front of all his friends, and left him literally broken and unable to run.

Oh, and if that's not enough? Guess what else Zoom can do…

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Yeah, this Zoom guy is no good. Have fun sleeping while he's running around Central City.

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