Hum Van Wreck Means Scrapped Tour Dates

Drone-rock band escapes serious injury but cancels 11 shows.

A van accident has caused Hum, the high-volume drone-rockers, to scrap a

series of tour dates in support of their latest LP, Downward Is


The quartet's van was broadsided Sunday morning in Canada as they were

leaving Winnipeg, Manitoba, for a gig that night in Calgary, Alberta. The

foursome suffered only minor injuries.

"They suffered cuts, bruises and headaches," said Kristen Worden, Hum's

manager. "Everyone's fine, but very shaken up. The whole back half of the van

is damaged, and the windows got knocked out.

Kristen Worden, Hum's manager, said the wreck occurred at about 10:30 a.m.

when the van, carrying the bandmembers, their soundman and crew, was struck

by an oncoming car while waiting to make a left turn. The momentum from the

collision carried the van forward on the slick street and into a light pole that fell

onto the back of the vehicle, she said.

"I think that everyone should know that they're ... not severely hurt. They've got

the van fixed enough to get it home, and they're going to go relax and recoup a


Formed in Champaign, Ill., in 1991, the band consists of guitarist/vocalist Matt

Talbott, guitarist Tim Lash, drummer Bryan St. Pere and bassist Jeff Dimpsey.

Hum earned their greatest success to date via extensive MTV and radio

exposure of the track


(RealAudio excerpt), from their 1995 album You'd Prefer An Astronaut.

Despite canceling 11 dates in the Pacific Northwest and on the West Coast,

Hum will still play Sunday's show at Lowell Heritage State Park in Boston and a

July 5 slot opening for the Smashing Pumpkins at the Marcus Amphitheater in

Milwaukee, Wis.

Dates Canceled Due To The Accident:

June 16; Edmonton, Alb., Re-Bar

June 18; Vancouver, B.C., Starfish Room

June 19; Seattle, Wash., RKCNDY

June 22; Portland, Ore., Satyricon

June 24; San Francisco, Calif., Great American Music Hall

June 25; Santa Barbara, Calif., Coach House

June 26; West Hollywood, Calif., Roxy

June 27; San Diego, Calif., Casbah

June 28; Las Vegas, Nev., Rockabilly's

June 29; Tempe, Ariz., Gibson's

July 1; Austin, Texas, Liberty Lunch

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