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Let your voice -- and the voices of Drake, Taylor, Justin Bieber, etc. -- be heard!

In music terms, every year can be broken down into three distinct timeframes: early buzz; the song of the summer saga; and end-of-year blitz. While the May-through-August "Song of the Summer" battleground gets a lot of glory, there is no sweeter joy than, once December hits, reflecting back on everything that came before. Everything that made you dance like Drake, cry-tweet your way through a new Adele album, or want to blow stuff up dystopian-style like Taylor Swift. Everything that made you sing along. Everything that melted your heart.

The best part? Everyone's year in music is totally different, though it's still fun to make a handful of top picks. We've already chosen our Best Songs Of 2015 (and crowned Fetty Wap as our Artist Of The Year!), so now it's time for your to pick yours. From the stark depths of heartbreak ("Hello") to the dizzying heights of lovesickness ("Can't Feel My Face") and every emotion in between -- you can make your voice heard! Rank your top 25 songs below. Voting ends on December 22.

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