Kristen Stewart Is Woody Allen's Next Leading Lady

The 'Twilight' actress joins a club that includes Emma Stone and Scarlett Johannson with her next big role.

Kristen Stewart has been a child star, a franchise headliner, and an indie darling, and now she'll be adding another bullet point to her list of major career moments: Starring in a Woody Allen film.

Deadline reports that Stewart, along with Bruce Willis and her "Adventureland" co-star Jesse Eisenberg, have been tapped for Allen's untitled next project.

No details are known about the film -- and Allen is such a big name that it's typical for actors to sign on to his movies without even seeing a script -- but it puts Stewart in position to join one of Hollywood's more elite clubs: Being cast in a Woody Allen film often means being cast in more than one, as the director likes to work with the same actresses over and over. Below, we round up some of his other favorites.

Emma Stone


The most recent of Allen's faves, Emma followed up her starring role as a clairvoyant in "Magic in the Moonlight" with another appearance in this year's "Irrational Man."

Penelope Cruz


After her Oscar-winning turn in the steamy "Vicky Cristina Barcelona," Cruz showed up again four years later in Allen's "To Rome with Love."

Scarlett Johannson


ScarJo has starred in three of Woody Allen's movies: as a plucky reporter in "Scoop," as a blonde bombshell in "Vicky Cristina Barcelona," and as the woman who proves fatally irresistible to Jonathan Rhys-Meyers in the fairly dark "Match Point."

Charlize Theron


Early in her career, Charlize played a nameless supermodel in "Celebrity," and a smoking seductress in "Curse of the Jade Scorpion."

Alison Pill


Allen must have liked Alison's portrayal of Zelda Fitzgerald in "Midnight in Paris," because he cast her in "To Rome with Love" the very next year.

Diane Keaton


Back in the day, Allen used to not just work with his leading ladies, but date them; his relationship with Diane Keaton ended up being the basis for the Oscar-winning "Annie Hall," and she starred in a whopping eight of his movies.

Mia Farrow


In addition to starring in basically all of Allen's movies between 1982 and 1992, Mia Farrow is, er, probably also the reason why Woody Allen doesn't date his leading ladies anymore.

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