Lil Wayne Found Out That Instagram Is 'Nothing But Trouble'

Listen and learn.

Lil Wayne finally gave in to peer pressure and joined Instagram back in March, to our delight. Eventually it seemed like he was having fun on the social media platform, but according to his new song "Nothing But Trouble," he also learned a tough lesson about the 'Gram.

On "Nothing But Trouble," which includes a feature from Charlie Puth, Weezy raps about all those Instagram famous models who can trip a guy up if he's not careful.

"She just wanted to be popular/ Uh, she just wanted ten thousand followers," Wayne spits. "Oh, she posted, she posted, she posted/ They like it, they like it, repost it/She party promoting, she hosting/ She posing, legs open, provoking/ It got my head smoking, I tried to act like I don't notice/ Emotions, emotions, emotions, lord."

I doubt that Wayne's the first rapper to get sucked into some trouble on Instagram, but maybe fellow artists will take some of his advice: "These Instagram models are nothing but trouble."

This song will appear on the "808" documentary soundtrack, but on July 4 we'll be expecting the Free Weezy Album.

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