The Movie Awards Fan Fueled Film Puts You In The Director's Chair

Be a part of the 2016 MTV Movie Awards by helping helm the first-ever Fan Fueled Film!

If you’ve ever dreamed of being part of the movie-making process (who hasn't?), here’s your first big break.

The MTV Movie Awards have always been a celebration of all things cinematic, and this year we’re teaming up with Taco Bell and fans to create the first-ever Movie Awards Fan Fueled Film, recruiting you (yes, YOU there) to help design a movie mashup that will debut during the show.

Here's where all your hard-earned social networking savvy comes in handy because we'll need you to make all the major storyboard decisions from your very own desk-slash-co-director's chair. 🎥 🎬

(Looks like it's finally go time on that "head honcho" nameplate you've been eyeing.)

Social media stars Ricky Dillon and Dana Baby, alongside Live Mas Scholarship winner Calvin Ngu (your co-director), will be on hand to follow your lead on the story as it's being designed, acting out the scenes you create for them throughout the week.

How it'll work is that over the next week, MTV will host a series of Twitter polls to find out how you'd like the film to play out -- think of it as a choose your own adventure story for the digital age -- starting right away. As in, today.

First thing’s first: Picking the lead ~*star*~ of your film!

That’s just one of many major calls you'll be able to make about this Fan Fueled Film throughout the week leading up to the 2016 MTV Movie Awards, so stay tuned with your Twitter poll-voting fingers at the ready and be on the lookout for some fun behind-the-scenes action along the way as well.

Then, on Sunday, April 10, grab a snack, kick up your heels, and let grandma know you're a fancy filmmaker now as you tune in to watch your own collaborative movie magic come to life when the Movie Awards Fan Fueled Film drops!

The 2016 MTV Movie Awards will air on April 10 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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