Lana Del Rey Gets Married... In Her 'Ultraviolence' Video

This is the most ominous wedding day ever.

Lana Del Rey may be all dressed up in white lace in the video for "Ultraviolence," the title track from her upcoming sophomore record, but the undertone of the vid is anything but pure.

The video is a simple thing -- colored like one of Instagram's vintage filters -- that sees Lana walking through the woods in a wedding gown. Soon, we realize that a man is filming her procession, as he reaches toward her and she coyly kisses his fingers.

We never see his face -- perhaps he's the mobster from "Shades Of Cool" and "West Coast" -- but we do hear his voice at the end uttering the words, "OK, there's someone." Lana murmurs something unintelligible, the camera turns toward the sun, then the film cuts out. Chills.

We can't help but think that this wedding day does not end happily -- it is a Lana Del Rey video, after all. One of the more powerful tracks on the record, the lyrics are rendered even more chilling when we see Del Rey smile like a blushing bride while crooning that immortal Crystals line, "He hit me and it felt like a kiss."

Watch and speculate as to what happens next below:

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