Harry Styles Brings Us Into The Studio For This Performance Of 'Two Ghosts'

This looks like a behind-the-scenes Instagram post brought to life and we're here for it

It's crazy to watch this extremely chill rendition of "Two Ghosts" and remember that Harry Styles literally screamed when he was asked about the lady he sings about on the track.

But yeah: This Behind the Album clip of the song off his self-titled debut is easy on both the eyes and the ears, and it's enough to distract you from the rumor mill a-churnin' thanks to the mention of an old (and potentially famous) love's "same lips red, same eyes blue."

This "Two Ghosts" clip is a cut of the nearly hour-long Behind the Album special that Apple Music dropped in May shortly following the release of the album. An additional Behind the Album: The Performances doc is on the way, and "Two Ghosts" is one of the ten songs included in that.

Styles is currently gearing up for his (completely and totally sold-out because lol of course it is) first proper solo tour, which kicks off its American leg in San Francisco on September 19.

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