Ansel Elgort Explains Why He Runs So Weird In 'Insurgent'

Running badly takes skills, yo.

With reporting by Josh Horowitz.

You might notice something odd when you sit down to watch "Insurgent" this Friday, March 20th -- Ansel Elgort is having a SUPER hard time keeping up with co-stars Shailene Woodley and Theo James, who play the badass Dauntless rebels Tris and Four. But Ansel would very much like you to know that this was all an intentional choice on his part. It's a little something called ACTING, OK?

"Shailene and Theo are superheroes. Caleb is not," Ansel told MTV News. "Caleb represents the intellectual side, the guy who isn't physical. And I wanted to make sure that was on screen. I wanted to make sure that made sense." Basically, if we're going to bring it back around to a very apt analogy Ansel has already made, Caleb is totally the level one starter to Tris's Elite Four-busting Legendary Pokémon. He just needs some more training, that's all!

But Ansel's glad that people are calling him out on his silly running, "because it was a very conscious decision." One, he notes, that even the directors and producers for "Insurgent" didn't get sometimes -- like everyone else one set (ask Shailene Woodley about her push-up club!), the REAL Ansel is actually pretty athletic. Say it with me, now:


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“The Divergent Series: Insurgent” hits theaters on March 20.