'Jumper' Steals Away With Box Office As 'Spiderwick' Marks Another Fantasy Failure

'Step Up 2 the Streets' rounds out the long weekend's top three; 'Fool's Gold' drops to fourth place.

The Box-Office Top Five

#1 "Jumper" ($31.7 million)

#2 "The Spiderwick Chronicles" ($24.4 million)

#3 "Step Up 2 the Streets" ($21.5 million)

#4 "Fool's Gold" ($15 million)

#5 "Definitely, Maybe" ($11.4 million)

This Presidents' Day weekend, audiences everywhere were singing "Hail to the Thief" (no, not that one, but, you know, the kind that can break into bank vaults without even opening a door), as Doug Liman's "Jumper" scored big at the box office. The teleportation adventure, starring the artist formerly known as Mannequin Skywalker (Hayden Christensen), came in at #1 with a four-day total of $31.7 million.

In second place, "The Spiderwick Chronicles" proved to be more "Golden Compass" than "Harry Potter," as the fantasy adventure earned a middle-of-the pack haul of just $24.4 million. In third place, "Step Up 2 the Streets" (for the record, the best title to use two as a pun since "2Fast 2Furious") earned $21.5 million.

Goblins and hip-hop, fairies and urban lifestyles? How in the heck could "Jumper" beat them all? Was the total inflated by fans of Christensen? Of Liman? Of co-star Jamie Bell? No. It's clear that only one thing has the ability to bring that many butts to theater seats, and that one thing is [article id="1581420"]Sam Jackson's Sisqo-esque hair[/article]. Behold the power! Let us pray that he never uses it for evil.

Last week's winner, "Fool's Gold," was positive pyrite in its second week, falling to fourth place with a $15 million bounty, a 30 percent drop from last weekend.

Valentine's Day is for lovers, but it wasn't for Ryan Reynolds' romantic comedy. The man who would be Deadpool was dead in the water, with a fifth place finish for "Definitely, Maybe." Positively, absolutely, the movie made only $11.4 million.

Among other new releases, [article id="1581440"]"George Romero's Diary of the Dead"[/article] was itself a walking corpse, earning only $275,000 from 42 theaters for a dismal $6,547 per-screen average.

Upcoming Releases

[article id="1579989"]Oscar weekend[/article] is coming up fast, and Hollywood's bringing out the big guns to celebrate the greatest movies of the year. That can only mean one thing: a comedy starring Larry the Cable Guy. His "Witless Protection" opens in 1,250 theaters. Not the right prescription for your viewing needs? Try asking high school pharmacology expert "Charlie Bartlett." Also opening is the drama "Vantage Point," starring Dennis Quaid, Matthew Fox and Forest Whitaker.

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