When Miley Met Britney: The Story Behind One Of 'The Movement's' Key Scenes

'Britney loves Miley and what she's doing right now,' manager Larry Rudolph tells MTV News.

One of the most memorable moments in MTV's "Miley: The Movement" documentary happens when the normally unflappable Miley Cyrus meets her idol, Britney Spears, in the recording studio, and, well, acts like a total fangirl.

It's definitely a side of Miley that we don't see all that often -- if ever -- and getting to watch the two stars interact in the sanctity of the studio (Britney was in to record vocals on the [article id="1714039"]Bangerz track "SMS"[/article]) may be the behind-the-scenes moment to end all behind-the-scenes moments. So you could imagine what it was like to be in the room when the two pop megastars met.

"It was great; they both have an insane mutual admiration for each other. Britney loves Miley and what she's doing right now," Larry Rudolph, who manages both artists, told MTV News. "It reminds her of some of the things she was doing back when she was around that age, making these huge waves at the VMAs and creating these huge pop-culture moments, they're very similar.

"Obviously, it's done in a slightly different way, but the outcome is very similar: get people talking, get in there and don't be safe, go in there and just blow the doors down." he continued. "Britney can relate to that. And Miley, she's said that the first album she ever bought was Britney's ... Baby One More Time album, it's what got her into pop music in the first place. She loves Britney, she idolizes her, so, for her, working with her was literally #1 on her list of things to get done on the album. So it was this moment when these two superstars came together and were in the studio together. It was great."

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And the idea of capturing moments like that was the reason Rudolph and Cyrus signed on for "The Movement" in the first place. After all, as [article id="1714983"]Miley has made abundantly clear[/article], Bangerz is more than a mere album to her; it's personal. She's reinventing herself, declaring her independence, and looking to push the boundaries of pop. And this documentary is meant to capture this very important moment in her career.

"There's this moment in time, a transitional moment, where you have an artist who is naturally and organically making a transition from a child star to someone who is making music for her age bracket, the kind of people she hangs out with," Rudolph explained. "We set out to capture this time when things are going to significantly change in terms of how the world viewed her. It's this slice of her life that shows you a lot of where her head's at right now, what she's thinking, what she's feeling, what she wants to give her fans."

And by doing so, Rudolph said he hopes "The Movement" will change the way people view Cyrus. After all, to him, she's about much more than just scandal.

"I hope they see how multi-dimensional she is. A lot of people saw the VMAs, and it was a one-dimensional look for them; in their mind, that's who she is, that's all she does. She twerks, she humps things, she licks things," he laughed. "But this girl is so multifaceted and so smart, so in charge of what she's doing. And that comes across in the documentary. She's very special and very different from a lot of her contemporaries out there."

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