Chef Justin Bieber Teases Selena Gomez In The Kitchen: So Cute!

Jelena cook up some love -- and stir-fry.

Even for Jelena dissenters, you may find this video of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez incredibly cute. And I know cute.

Justin posted a clip on Instagram on Thursday, taking on a Australian accent (or whatever that is supposed to be), sauteing some "organic chicken breast," and jokingly chastising Sel for getting to close to his culinary creation.

"Hey, step away from the stove," he says, as the on-again-off-again couple cook up a stir-fry. Selena seems taken aback, especially because Justin is just waving around a knife like it's nothing. Be careful with that thing!

"Sooooo cute. ... My baby cooking with the love of his life," wrote one fan in the comments. And although I can't condone the "my baby" part, it is adorable seeing anyone have fun in the kitchen -- especially if you're two of the biggest celebrities getting down to earth.

Am I getting back on the Jelena train? I might be, but you guys are going to have to do a bit more convincing before I learn to trust again.