Nickelback Detroit 'Debacle' Perfect For Funny Or Die

'We're huge fans of Funny or Die and anything Will Ferrell is associated with -- we're there,' Chad Kroeger tells MTV News.

The ongoing situation between fans of the [article id="1674301"]Detroit Lions and Nickelback[/article] -- which, for the uninitiated, involves the band's performance during the team's Thanksgiving game, an [article id="1673783"]online petition[/article] and the [article id="1674406"]United Way[/article] -- is the kind of thing that practically lends itself to parody. So it's no surprise that the folks over at Funny or Die have decided to enter the fray, with a new video that actually stars the Canadian quartet.

Given the rather vehement acrimony the band has suffered thanks to the petition (which, at last count, includes more than 75,000 signatures and messages like "Haven't the good people of Detroit been through enough?"), you'd probably be surprised to learn that, as soon as they were approached by FoD, Nickelback said yes to the spoof. Then again, they're the kind of band that is definitely aware of their public perception.

"They called us up. They said, 'This whole debacle that's going on in Detroit it just lunacy. We here in the comedy field think it's just perfect for making fun of, and if you guys would like to come down here ... ' " frontman Chad Kroeger told MTV News. "We're huge fans of Funny or Die and anything Will Ferrell is associated with -- we're there. So we're like, 'Absolutely, we'd love to come and make fun of the whole thing and ourselves at the same time.' "

Of course, Nickelback will also be the first to admit that perhaps their acting skills aren't up to par. Which is why the only thing standing in the way of their Funny or Die clip's viral success may be Nickelback themselves.

"As soon as they get real actors to take our places, then it's going to be viral," guitarist Ryan Peake laughed.