Miley Cyrus Is All Tongue And Trash Talk In New 'The Voice' Trailer

She and Alicia Keys are about to majorly shake things up

So maybe you’ve watched any or all of the past ten (yes, TEN) seasons of The Voice. Or maybe you’ve always been more enthralled by American Idol (in which case, sorry for your loss). Either way, the upcoming 11th season of The Voice is going to shake things up so drastically that everyone, in a sense, will feel like they’re watching it for the first time.

That’s because Ms. Miley Cyrus is moseying her way to the show’s comically large red swivel chairs, joined by fellow new judge Alicia Keys. The pair will join longtime judges Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, marking the first time the show’s employed two female judges.

In a new trailer for the show’s September 19 premiere, Levine calls Cyrus “the youthful spirit we’ve been missing,” while Shelton declares, “She’s a great performer, but she also has this ear for music.” Cyrus, meanwhile, responds with some friendly trash talk and declares, “As much as the world likes to make this girl catfight scenario, that's actually Blake and Adam.”

Of course, this wouldn’t be a “Miley Cyrus on live TV” moment without her doing something ~shocking~, so here she is tearing off her jacket. She can’t stop, and she won’t stop.


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