Hollywood Myths: Mark Wahlberg's Third Nipple

Finally, a trilogy that won't disappoint.

Word on the block is that "2 Guns" actor/ nutritional supplementer Mark Wahlberg has a third nipple. If what the new kids on said block say is true, then Wahlberg would join such fictional luminaries as Krusty the Clown or Chandler from "Friends" as proud owners of an extra (although equally unnecessary) male milk nozzles. Say hi to your mother for me, indeed.

Feel the vibrations as we titillate our readers with a celebrity deformity so bizarre it couldn't possibly be real … right?


Roughly 1 in 18 men have this magical third utter, known among learned breastologists under the condition polythelia, or a "supernumerary nipple." Women can also receive an extra honker at birth, but only 1 in 50. Not good odds, "Total Recall" fans. In the olden pre-Salem days of witch hunting in Europe extra nipples were considered Satanic, known in colloquial terms as "witch's teats," and those who had them were tortured and/or burned at the stake.

Other talented men who reportedly bare this mark of the beast (or breast) are fellow thesps Frank Langella and Zac Efron, as well as musicians like Jackson Browne, Harry Styles of One Direction and Brian Jones of The Rolling Stones. No wonder he had such sympathy for the devil.

Mark Wahlberg first hit the scene as lead singer/frontman of Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch and as a Calvin Klein underwear model. He dropped the "Marky" and the Bunch when big-screen roles started racking up, proving a capable presence in movies for Paul Thomas Anderson ("Boogie Nights"), David O. Russell ("I ♥ Huckabees") and Martin Scorsese ("The Departed"). He's also probably clocked more shirtless hours on-screen than Sasha Grey, right up through this year's bodybuilding crime thriller "Pain & Gain," so we've had more than ample opportunity to gaze at the little pink dot below his left nipple and wonder …

Evidence For It

Well, see for yourself…

Look closer!

Too close!


Evidence Against It

For his performance as a studly singer in "Rock Star," producers opted to use computers to slice off what Wahlberg would not remove in real life. "There was a big debate over whether or not to remove it," an anonymous crew member told WENN in 2001. "They decided it was just too weird, so it was digitally removed. How many rock stars do you know with three nipples?" Its absence from "Rock Star," or the fact that it simply looks like a mole or beauty mark, may have led some to question its existence, but we know better, don't we?

The Peanut Gallery

"Anyone know the truth? His new movie 'Ted' might be erotic and steamy for me if I could just get the image of 'three nipples' out of my mind. So far the promotional posters showing Mark as Ted laughing are erotic and steamy. Fetish, you know. Three nipples ruin my fetish." — "eric-paddon," IMDB message boards

"I read an interview with him on teen mag that he doesnt like takin off his shirt cause it takes time to cover up his tatoos n his third nipple in make up." — milky, Mark Wahlberg message boards

"I can only imagine.. homeboy's got some big tattoos. ☺ but it's all good.. he looks great with a shirt on hehe ☺" — MarksGrl22, Mark Wahlberg message boards

What Mark's Said

One of the reasons "The Fighter" star is such a heavy hitter is how candid he is about his crime-ridden past, his career missteps and even his, um, unique qualities, flat out owning the third nipple.

"That is correct," Wahlberg confirmed to Australia's Nova FM while promoting "The Other Guys" in 2010. "Right below the other one. It's actually the size of an infant's nipple, it didn't grow."

As to whether he'd ever have it removed? No dice. "I’ve come to embrace it," Wahlberg told Rolling Stone in 2005. "That thing’s my prized possession."

Truthosity: TRUE!

"Once ... Twice ... Three times a nipple." We're paraphrasing Lionel Richie here, but there's no denying that Mark's holy trinity is here to stay. We only hope that in his more jocular moods he refers to them as his "Three Kings"… but which nipple is Ice Cube?

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