Troye Sivan And Lauv Tell Us What Makes Them Such A Dream Team On 'I'm So Tired'

They also talk bleaching their hair and wanting to work with Ne-Yo

The love-scorned bop "i'm so tired..." isn't the only song Troye Sivan and Lauv have written together, but — we regret to inform you — it's the only one fans will ever get to hear.

"The day we wrote this song, we wrote another song first. And I don't think it was very good," Lauv recently told MTV News, before his collaborator chimed in, "It wasn't very good at all. It was actually quite bad."

That's OK, though, because "i'm so tired..." is about as heavenly as you'd expect a Troye/Lauv collab to be — it's a perfect marriage of their respective styles, marked by evocative lyrics, swirling synths, and an immediately catchy hook. To hear Sivan tell it, the song clicks because of his and Lauv's similar approach to their music.

"One of the reasons why I'm really proud of this song is [because] to me, it feels like a Luav song, but it also really feels like a me song," he explained. "I feel like we're, like, voice cousins. I feel like our voices are from the same family."

The Bloom singer continued by explaining that both he and Lauv are "pop music nerds and songwriting nerds. Just really, really enjoying that process and digging into production and digging into lyric and melody. And just having a good time writing the song. There's no end goal, really, when you're writing with someone that you're just enjoying writing with. The process itself is the fun part."

Check out the interview above to hear more from Lauv and Sivan, who bond over bleaching their hair and reveal why they want Ne-Yo to hop on an "i'm so tired..." remix.