Jake Gyllenhaal Explains The Art Of Growing Grizzly Man Beards

When it comes to beards, mustaches, goatees, etc., as a woman, I can't say that I can ever fully wrap my head around the mystery, intrigue and artistry involved in growing facial hair. But because so many of the men around me are constantly obsessing over it, I understand that it's an important part of being a man and masculinity and stuff.

Case in point, a recent chat between MTV News' Josh Horowitz and facial hair-growing expert Jake Gyllenhaal during the "End of Watch" press day about how the actor manages to quickly change his look from role to role.

"Right now, I'm doing a play in New York City. This is for a part that I'm doing," Gyllenhaal said of the full beard he's currently sporting. When pressed further for his secrets to getting stubborn hairs to grow to their full potential, Gyllenhaal jokingly admitted that it requires patience and commitment.

"It's a process. It's a long arduous process to grow out your hair," he said. "It's a tough tough thing to grow out your facial hair. It's a lot of sitting alone in a room and waiting and hoping."

So do his whiskers require any special treatment or encouragement?

"Yeah there's a little encouragement involved, not so much anxiety which you just portrayed, but when it does finally start to grow and you see a change, sometimes I give myself a little credit. 'Way to go, Jake, look at how you can do that.'"

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