Is Time Running Out For 30 Seconds To Mars? Jared Leto Opens Up

Frontman discusses 'saying goodbye,' band's landmark 'From Yesterday' clip.

UNIVERSAL CITY, California -- Could 30 Seconds to Mars' time be up? Never mind that the band is hotter than ever -- singer Jared Leto is wondering whether they'll last through 2007.

"We're talking about the possibilities of another record or the possibility of calling it something else and saying goodbye," Leto said. "You have to look at your life and see if you have anything to say or to offer at that point."

Fortunately for fans, 30 Seconds to Mars are still plenty focused on promoting A Beautiful Lie, including the recently released video for "From Yesterday." To their knowledge, it's the first American music video filmed in China, and it appears to have lived up to the band's high expectations (see [article id="1541933"]"Jared Leto: Next 30 Seconds To Mars Clip Will Be 'Perverted' "[/article]).

"It's one of those things that, regardless of the result of the video, it changed our lives, it really did," Leto said. "It was one of those unique things where we got to be a part of [China's] history and they gave us something incredible in return. What we wanted to do was have an experience as powerful or more powerful than the result of the video, and it was just that. I mean, to go halfway across the world and to do something that hadn't really been done before was a special gift."

Leto said the 13-minute-plus video was inspired by Bernardo Bertolucci's 1987 film "The Last Emperor" as well as the work of the late writer/director Akira Kurosawa.

"That and the passion and the history of the Chinese culture," Leto explained. "I thought it would be the perfect setting to tell the story of 'From Yesterday,' and it ended up one of those really unique things that the song and the visual images kind of collided and made something completely new."

Also in the pipeline for 30 Seconds to Mars is their headlining stint on the Taste of Chaos Tour, which kicks off February 15 in Everett, Washington, and wraps up April 6 in Calgary, Alberta.

"Before that, I think we are going to Europe for a couple of weeks," Leto said. "And then [afterward], who knows."