Josh Hutcherson Thinks He's Pablo Escobar's Son In 'Paradise Lost' Teaser

Insert Vinny Chase joke here.

Josh Hutcherson was already taken captive in "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire," and it looks like he's going that route again.

The young star plays Nick, a surfer who visits Colombia, only to be taken in by legendary drug lord Pablo Escobar (played by Benicio del Toro and not Vinny Chase, sadly). At first it seems that the relationship is friendly: Hutcherson even says, "You said I was like a son to you." But clearly by the end, things are not going to go well, as del Toro's Escobar tells him, "No one escapes Pablo Escobar."

First the Capital, now the most notorious drug lord of all time? Hutcherson's gotta stop hanging out with the wrong crowd.

The teaser only offers brief glimpses into del Toro's portrayal of Escobar himself, though he has the patented awesome mustache and accent which are synonymous with the drug lord. Escobar seems to also have more of a supporting role, a la Forrest Whitaker in "Last King of Scotland," with Hutcherson's character being the fish out of water through which the audience sees Escobar's operation.

Will this be better than Vinny Chase's "Medellín" (I swear, last "Entourage" reference)? Check out the teaser and let us know.