Charlie Heaton Missed The 'Stranger Things 2' Premiere Due To Alleged Cocaine Possession

The English actor was detained at LAX before returning to the U.K.

UPDATE (10/30/17, 8:10 p.m. ET): Charlie Heaton has apologized for the incident in a statement provided to People. “My planned travel to the U.S. last week was affected by an issue at U.S. immigration, and I am working to rectify it as soon as possible,” he said. “I do want to clarify that I was not arrested or charged with a crime, and cooperated fully with the U.S. officials at LAX. I’m sorry to all the fans and my Stranger Things family for missing the premiere. We are all so proud of this season and I would never want this story to negatively impact the show.”


One resident of Hawkins, Indiana was missing from the red carpet at the premiere of Stranger Things 2 on October 26, and it turns out the unfortunate absence was due to a cast member running into drug-related issues when they tried to enter the U.S. a few days before the big event.

Charlie Heaton, the actor who plays the brooding Jonathan Byers on Netflix's supernatural smash, was held at LAX International Airport in Los Angeles for alleged cocaine possession on October 21. The Los Angeles Times reports that a law enforcement official confirmed that trace amounts of cocaine were found in Heaton's luggage by a customs canine, and that's what prompted his immediate return to the U.K.

The Hollywood Reporter's source — also an official — confirmed that cocaine was found on Heaton himself, and that he "admitted the consumption of drugs to them." Heaton wasn't arrested at LAX.

Heaton has not publicly commented on the matter. Watch this space for updates.

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