MTV News Social Justice Forecast April 28–May 6

Do something good for the planet this week

The needs of the planet are the needs of the people. After all, we need a healthy planet in order to envision a future in which all of us are thriving and surviving. So for Earth Week, we're looking at ways to do some good things for the planet locally and globally.

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All Month Long:

Everywhere: Reduce reliance on fossil fuels through the Global Divestment Mobilisation.

From May 5 to 13, and partner organizations around the world will take action to oppose the fossil fuel industry's negative impact on climate change. Actions for the week include protests, petitions, and even art shows addressing the exploitation of nonrenewable resources.

You can find events near you, register one of your own, or get ideas about how you can help at the Global Divestment site.

This Week:

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There will be a forum for young environmental activists in Pacoima, California; an intro to climate change activism in Miami, Florida; a beach cleanup for St. Petersburg, Florida; and we're looking ahead at communities growing more than just gardens in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Wednesday, May 3

Pacoima, California: Attend the Environmental Justice Youth Forum.

4:30–6 p.m.

Pacoima City Hall

13520 Van Nuys Blvd.

Pacoima, CA 91331

Youth United Towards Environmental Protection (YUTEP), a branch of the local environmentalist organization Pacoima Beautiful, is hosting an evening of presentations on environmental justice. Young activists who volunteer with Pacoima Beautiful will share insights from projects they have been working on this year. Their projects take on a range of important issues, like green spaces, nutrition, and addressing violence in their community. Registration is free.

Thursday, May 4

Miami, Florida: Get a crash course in environmental science at Climate Change 101.

6:30–8:30 p.m.

The Cushman School, Innovation Center

592 Northeast 60th St.

Miami, FL 33137

The Climate Leadership Engagement Opportunities Institute (CLEO) is offering an introduction to the core concepts of climate science. This free workshop is designed for people who believe in fighting climate change, but want a deeper understanding of the science and solutions around it. Once you've gone through this class, sign up for CLEO’s Climate Leadership Training, which educates people even further about climate science advocacy. It's the next logical step in becoming an activist for the planet.

Saturday, May 6–Sunday, May 7

St. Petersburg, Florida: Clean up a couple of beaches and help Keep Pinellas Beautiful.

Saturday from 8–10 a.m. at North Gandy Beach

Sunday from 9 a.m.–12 p.m. at South Gandy Beach

For the third year in a row, Keep Pinellas Beautiful (KPB) is getting people to clear trash from Florida beaches. Their effort is part of the Great American Cleanup, Keep America Beautiful’s annual national call to combat pollution. KPB will partner with other local organizations to bring a crew of volunteers to North and South Gandy Beach. You can sign up to pitch in on Saturday and/or Sunday. Supplies will be provided.

Looking Ahead:

Thursday, June 1–Friday, June 2

Tulsa, Oklahoma: Learn about Growing Community.

The American Community Gardening Association (ACGA) will host trainings on how to start community gardens all over the country. The next two-day session will be in Tulsa, Oklahoma. These events don't just aim to teach people how to grow food, but also how to connect with their neighbors for a common goal. ACGA will teach attendees about coalition building, fundraising, communications, and community building — skills that all benefit other forms of social justice work, too. Registration for this two-day training is $10. If you're not in the Tulsa area, you can always reach out to ACGA to host one of these workshops in your city.

We've only got one world. Everyone should help make it cleaner and greener in whatever way they can. Whether that means bringing out the sun or calling down a storm, we need you!

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