A Giant Cat Will Be Front And Center At The Movie Awards And 12 More Secrets Revealed

From set design to seating, we've got it all.

With reporting by Kase Wickman

The MTV Movie Awards are finally almost here, which means we’ll soon have answers to some of our most burning questions. Will the Best Kiss winners reenact their cinematic smooch onstage? Will Ansel Elgort block everyone’s lines of sight with his ridiculous tallness? Will Shailene Woodley bring some bugs to snack on in her seat?

We’ll have to wait until Sunday to find out, but in the meantime, MTV News caught up with the show’s executive producer, Jesse Ignjatovic, as well as set designers Dabs Myla, to uncover 13 secrets from the sure-to-be epic show.

The room is going to be packed with superheroes.



If disaster strikes and Loki and Doctor Doom team up for a joint attack on the Nokia Theatre, don’t worry — this place will basically become superhero headquarters come Sunday night. “We have the entire cast of ‘The Avengers,’ Robert Downey Jr. included because he’s getting the Generation Award,” Ignjatovic explained. “So you have all those superheroes. You have the Fantastic Four. This is where you want to be on Sunday because it’s going to be the safest room on the planet.”

The producers had no ground rules for host Amy Schumer…meaning anything goes.



“We said, ‘Amy, we want you to be Amy.’ And she’s doing her thing,” Ignjatovic said. “It’s a collaborative process, so we have a sense of what she’s doing and we feel great about it. She’s going to have fun and she’s going to involve the room in a playful way.” That being said, Ignjatovic did admit there will be a certain air of unpredictability once the wild comedian takes the hosting reigns, which brings us to the next point…

Speaking of unpredictability, the five-second delay button is primed and ready to go.

Amy Schumer

Ignjatovic himself has the pressure-filled task of manning over the delay button in case things get a little out of hand and Kate Mara suddenly starts dropping F-bombs all over the place (JK, Kate, we’re sure you’d be the last person to ever do that). “I’m doing it. I’ve got the button. I’ve been training,” Ignjatovic assured us.

The stage was designed to look like a real city.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images


Dabs and Myla said their set design was inspired by a ton of different cities around the world they’ve travelled to, but it’s ultimately a fictional place. “It’s supposed to feel like a surreal world, but it is still a world that people live in,” Dabs explained. “It’s the things like the graffiti and the trash on the ground that make it come to life. I think it has a vibe of California, or any major American city in the ‘50s, with lots of billboards and signage and things like that.”

Shailene Woodley and Bradley Cooper snagged two of the best seats in the house.

Kase Wickman/Madeline Roth


The Trailblazer Award beauty — who’s also nominated for Best Female Performance, Best Kiss, and Best Duo (both with Ansel Elgort for “The Fault in Our Stars”) — will be popping a squat two seats down from Bradley, who’s up for Best Male Performance and Best Duo (alongside Vin Diesel for “Guardians of the Galaxy”). Across the aisle from Shai is her buddy Nat Wolff, who’s seated next to his “Paper Towns” peeps, Cara Delevingne and John Green.

All of the ‘Magic Mike’ guys will be there…and male nudity hasn’t been ruled out.

Kase Wickman


“Act two, you have all the 'Magic Mike' guys, and you don’t want to miss that,” Ignjatovic said, adding that there may or may not be stripping involved when Channing Tatum, Joe Manganiello, and Matt Bomer take the stage. “Ya know, when the music hits, you just don’t know what’s going to happen. I may have to keep that one under wraps.” Hmm… maybe they’ll bless us with a Best Shirtless Performance award-worthy appearance? “This is where it would happen,” Ignjatovic said, to which the world collectively replied, “Our bodies are ready.”

A humongous, inflatable cat head lords over the right side of the stage.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images


“That cat head is on a rotate so it turns and reveals the inner workings of the brain and the head, and that’s where we’ll have some presenters come out,” Ignjatovic explained. Seriously, you can’t miss this thing — Myla told us it’s 27 feet tall and 35 feet wide from whisker to whisker. Catzilla, y’all.

There was one rather, uh, risqué piece of the set that got the axe.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images


Dabs and Myla said they had a lot of flexibility and freedom to do whatever they wanted with the set design, but there WAS one thing that didn’t make the cut. “There’s a silhouette of a couple making out in a window. That was fine, but the guy did have a little boner,” Dabs spilled. “It was like a silhouette of a little boner, and we had to grind that off. Other than that, we had a vision and they let us just go with it.”

Amy Schumer will have her shot at roasting Kevin Hart.



Kevin is being presented with the Comedic Genius Award, and Ignjatovic said we can definitely expect some roast-style laughs at his expense. “[Amy] loves Kevin, and comedians love to sort of play with each other, so there will be some good ones,” he dished. “He’ll probably get some good ones from Jimmy Kimmel, too, I would think, who’s intro’ing.”

Get ready to see Fall Out Boy like you’ve never seen them before.



The lineup of performers this year is pretty effin’ incredible, but what’s even more exciting are the epic collaborations they’ll be blessing our ears with. Ignjatovic revealed to us that Fall Out Boy will be joining Fetty Wap on “Trap Queen,” and Charli XCX will team up with Ty Dolla $ign and Tinashe for “Drop That Kitty.”

That adorable little popcorn mascot was custom-made for the show.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images


Dabs and Myla drew up the cute little box of kernels just for MTV. “I remember in the first meeting they did mention that if we could, it’d be cool for us to create an iconic character just for this. So that’s why we did the popcorn character,” Myla explained. Sadly, she also added that they never gave him a name, so feel free to drop a suggestion in the comments. We’re thinking Poppy Schumer? CORNelius? Papa Pops?

Amy Schumer has a lot of spoofs up her sleeve.

Kase Wickman


Ignjatovic revealed that we can expect to see three to four prerecorded, digital short bits that play off the year’s most popular movies, so expect to see some big nominees get splendidly spoofed. “[They’re] related to the year in film, mostly,” he said, adding, “You just don’t know what Amy’s going to do.” Dun dun dun!

Last but not least, DO NOT, under any circumstances, be late.


We’re told the show will basically start being amazing from the get go, so be on time, people! “You better not be in the bathroom at 8 o’clock when it starts because we have a killer, Amy-inspired film that kicks it off,” Ignjatovic revealed. “Then it’s right into her entrance and monologue, which is going to be a tone-setter and it’s going to be crazy. Then we have Best Female and Vin Diesel after that. It’s a killer act.” CAN. NOT. WAIT.

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