Justin Bieber's 'Yummy' Video Will Make You Hungry

Pink hair! Lobster cuddles! A dance party!

Justin Bieber is wasting no time.

Just four days into 2020, the R&B(ieber) maestro has already made good on delivering the start of a deluge of new content he promised would come this year. He released a silky new single called "Yummy" on January 3. He teased a forthcoming docu-series. He might've revealed his new album title via neck tattoo. He even joined TikTok.

And because this simply wasn't enough, on Saturday (January 4), Bieber also dropped the very pink "Yummy" music video, and it features enough junk food to tempt you to break your new year's resolution already.

As a blushed-out Bieber (pink hair! pink hoodie! pink lips!) enters a very fancy dining place, the video begins simply with a collection of restaurant sounds — crunching french fries, clanking glasses, a string quartet. Once the song kicks in, the scene quickly escalates into a round of speed dating, and the rotating cast of upper-crust patrons at JB's dining table (including one old timer who appears to be a cross between Wallace Shawn and the dancing Six Flags geriatric man) all seem to be vying for his favor. He loves the attention.

The real star of the clip is the ridiculous spread of food on the table. Fresh lobster entices. A mound of Cheez Doodles beckons. As engineered by director Bardia Zeinali, takeout Chinese and jiggling gelatin molds rub elbows with Twinkies and a towering cheese sandwich. It all appears, in fact, yummy. It also fuels the eventual inevitable dance party that consumes the eatery, in perhaps the kinetic blend of food and shimmying since Harry Styles's chaotically delicious "Kiwi."

One possible takeaway is that now that he's back with his first impending album since 2015, Justin Bieber is quite literally eating everyone else's lunch. Or maybe his album isn't called Forever after all; perhaps it's Buffet.

Watch the sumptuous feast go down in Bieber's "Yummy" video above.

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