'That's So Raven' Star Orlando Brown Charged In Threat Case

Brown is due back in court next week for arraignment.

Former "That's So Raven" star Orlando Brown was hit with three charges in connection with a bizarre late night incident last month in which he allegedly showed up at a woman's Hollywood apartment and made death threats.

According to TMZ, Brown, 26, is facing two counts of disturbing the peace and one of public intoxication, though the L.A. City Attorney found insufficient evidence to prosecute him for his alleged threat against the woman and her three-year-old daughter. Though police said it was clear Brown made the threats on a 911 call about the incident, prosecutors did not think the woman feared for her life. A spokesperson for the City Attorney's office confirmed that Brown is facing three misdemeanor charges in the case and is due in court for arraignment on August 22.

Police were called to the woman's apartment in North Hollywood on July 21 after she claimed that Brown was acting erratically and had threatened to kill her, her daughter and her deceased mother. In the 911 tape obtained by TMZ, a man is heard saying, "Tell him Orlando Brown is crazy... I'll kill you, your mama, your daughter, everybody... Come outside!"

"I know him, we’re acquaintances," the woman on the 911 call told the dispatcher. "The other day, he made some passes at me — the boy is 28, I’m 40 — he made some sexual passes at me and I declined them, and now he’s upset. Bottom line. He’s a known actor and he’s a known alcoholic, and he sounds very intoxicated."

At the time, Brown's rep said the man on the tape was not his client and that the actor claimed the woman was a stalker who had been texting him "excessively" and that he'd gone to her apartment to assure her boyfriend that there was nothing going on between them. If convicted, Brown faces up to nine months in jail on the charges.

Brown has had a run of incidents with the police, including a 2007 arrest for marijuana possession, a 2011 arrest for DUI, two arrests in 2012 for failing to complete the terms of his probation and appear in court and another DUI arrest last year.