The Velvet Goldmine Soundtrack, Stipe Does Spacehog

Matthews plays the lead singer of a trash glam band, which is loosely inspired by '70's artist Susi Quatro. The soundtrack, which is being produced by R.E.M.'s Michael Stipe, features Placebo, who are covering the T-Rex song "20th Century Boy," which will be the first single. While Matthews joins Teenage Fan Club in covering the New York Dolls song, "Personality Crisis.

The soundtrack also features several all-star collaborations with Radiohead's Thom Yorke and Johnny Greenwood joining Andy MacKaye of Roxy Music. Bernard Butler, formerly of Suede, will be covering three Roxy Music songs, "Ladytron," "2HB," and "Bittersweet.

Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore and Steve Shelly collaborate on another song with Mike Watt, and Ron Ashton of the legendary band, The Stooges.

Meanwhile, Michael Stipe turns up on the second Spacehog album, titled "The Chinese Album" due out in March. Stipe, a pal of guitarist Antony Langdon and his brother, singer Royston, lends his vocals

to a song called "Almond Kisses".