Oops … Britney Spears’s Top Almost Popped Off Mid-Performance

But not even a faulty halter bra can stop Brit from slaying

How many dancers does it take to fix a broken halter top? Judging by Britney Spears’s recent costume snafu, the answer is three.

While tearing through another Piece of Me show in Las Vegas over the weekend, the Glory singer suffered a wardrobe malfunction of annoyingly tedious proportions. Her faulty hater bra first came unfastened during her cover of “I Love Rock N Roll,” then popped off again two whole seconds later. Trying to fix it became a two-man job, and to her credit, Brit poked fun at the awkward moment by making a ton of goofy faces.


But her nightmare wasn’t over yet. During the next song, “Gimme More,” Brit was still having to hold her pesky top in place. Cue her knight in shining armor flannel shirt, who literally gave Britney the shirt off his back so she could power through the performance like a pro. No peep show here, y’all.

See fan-shot footage of the whole ordeal below, and give thanks that at least Britney wasn’t trying to balance a snake around her shoulders this time.