The Weeknd Blasts Off With Daft Punk On New Single ‘Starboy’

His new album is due out in November

The Weeknd is way out of earth's orbit on his latest single, "Starboy," and he's brought a couple of robots along for the ride.

Daft Punk lay down the beats and the background vocals on Abel Tesfaye's latest, and while it sounds almost nothing like the duo's smash hit “Get Lucky,” it turns out that the helmeted Frenchmen are a perfect foil for The Weeknd's syrupy vocals.

“I'm a motherfuckin' starboy,” he repeats at the chorus, in case you had any doubts about his rebirth as a celestial being. OK, the song is also about doing drugs with attractive women, a.k.a. classic Abel themes, but it seems to embrace the idea of transformation more than most other Weeknd tracks we've heard before.

“Starboy” is the lead single off of The Weeknd's album of the same name, which iTunes says is due for release on November 25. The 18-song track list also teases the name of one more song: “False Alarm.”

It's the fall time — time for The Weeknd to come alive.