One Direction Admit To Copying The Clash On 'Live While We're Young'

'It's kind of on purpose,' Harry Styles says of similarities between the opening riff of 1D's latest hit and a Clash classic.

As you can probably imagine, life is good these days for One Direction (and not just because Kate Beckinsale just bought one of their DVDs). Their "Live While We're Young" video recently bested Justin Bieber's mark for the biggest YouTube debut of all time, and they're the odds-on favorites to win everything at the Europe Music Awards in November.

In fact, things are going so well for the 1D guys that they're not even trying to duck recent complaints that the opening bars of "Young" sound a bit too much like the Clash's seminal hit "Should I Stay or Should I Go." Quite the opposite, in fact.

"It's kind of on purpose ... it's a great riff," Harry Styles admitted to the Associated Press about the similarities between the two songs, before also saying that "Young" sounds a lot like "Summer Nights" from the film "Grease."

In the interview, One Direction also don't shy away from admitting that their lives are pretty sweet, even going so far as to say they don't mind the constant attention they receive from the paparazzi.

"Everyone complains about paps, but we always have a laugh with them, to be honest," Louis Tomlinson said. "If we got out on a night and we're a little bit drunk, it's obviously not going to be a great picture, but it's not too bad ... the fact is we're young -- everyone who is our age is going out."

They also spoke about their upcoming [article id="1694524"]Take Me Home[/article] album, which, from the sound of things, won't stray too far from their tried-and-true pop stylings. And really, with things clicking so well, why would they try anything else?

"There aren't too many surprises," Styles said. "We're just really happy with how the album's come out. We all agree that it's better than the first one ... we're proud of it."

"In the least arrogant way," Tomlinson added.

Can you hear the similarities between the tunes? Let us know in the comments!

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