Halle Berry Becomes A Jewel Thief For 'Who is Doris Payne?'

The real Doris Payne is now 75-years-old, and enjoyed a 50-year career stealing diamond jewelry from stores such as Neiman Marcus and Town and Country. Her success was based purely on her good looks, incredible charm, and gorgeous clothes. She would simply ask to see trays upon trays of rings, earrings, or watches and try on so many that clerks would forget how many they had given her.

She made thousand pawning the jewlery and even expanded her trade overseas to Switzerland and Monte Carlo, living the high life in between while raising her two children.

Eventually, she was caught, but served no more than 5 years, though she is currently in jail again for stealing a ring from Neiman Marcus. She's managed to dodge more serious arrests and charges throughout her career from sheer charm and intelligence.

The role is a perfect fit for Berry, who could certainly charm anyone into giving her piles of diamonds. It's not clear how seriously they intend to adapt Payne's story, but given that the lady in question is still laughing about all the fun and success she had, it would be a shame if this was played entirely for drama. And wouldn't it be nice to see Berry show off some comedic sparkle for once?

MTV readers, do you think Berry's career is in need of a lighthearted, "Catch Me If You Can" kind of role? Or do you think she needs to keep to the dramas?

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