'Kick-Ass' Tops Box Office After All

Contrary to initial estimates, 'How to Train Your Dragon' is #2 in final tally.

Director Matthew Vaughn's "Kick-Ass" surprised moviegoers this weekend, but not because of copious amounts of violence and bad language -- as of Monday morning, it appeared that Lionsgate's comic book adaptation failed to take home the gold medal at the box office as DreamWorks Animation's "How To Train Your Dragon" seemingly [article id="1634875"]returned to first place[/article] after four weeks in theaters.

But Sunday's box-office estimates aren't measuring up with new numbers pegging "Kick-Ass" as the #1 movie of the weekend with a $19.8 million haul. "How To Train Your Dragon" earned $19.6 million, a few strides shy of its previously estimated $20-million finish.

" 'Kick-Ass' is fantastic, highly original entertainment, and our marketing and distribution teams have brilliantly positioned it for a long and successful run," Lionsgate Co-Chief Operating Officer and Motion Picture Group President Joe Drake said in a released statement. "That kind of run is precisely what we are seeing on the international front, where 'Kick-Ass' has demonstrated a very strong hold at the box office; in Great Britain alone, it's taken in nearly $13.8 million in 17 days."

The initial reports surrounding the film's failure to secure first place raised some questions over whether or not a possible sequel to the Mark Millar and John Romita Jr. comic book adaptation was in danger, as several members of the film's cast and crew have publicly expressed their desires to tell further stories with David Lizewski, Hit-Girl and the other "Kick-Ass" characters.

"We have an idea for the sequel," Vaughn told MTV News at South by Southwest in March. "We have a lot of options."

The latest confusion over the box-office champion reflects last weekend's competition when initial estimates had "Date Night" beating "Clash of the Titans" by a thin margin. Director Louis Leterrier's 3-D swords-and-sandals epic ultimately won first place by $1.4 million.

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