One Direction’s ‘Steal My Girl’ Teaser Has Directioners ‘Crying Niagara Falls’

Directioners are freaking out over the 19-second 'Steal My Girl' teaser.

One Direction weren't lying when they said "Steal My Girl" would make you "feel good."

Niall Horan brightened up our Monday by posting a 19-second tease of their first single, "Steal My Girl," off their upcoming album Four. It's a mid-tempo song that sounds like musical perfection to Directioners ears -- including mine.

The guys' voices blend over what is assumed to be the chorus, totally nailing that "summer vibe" they told us about at the iHeart Radio Music festival.

"Everybody want to steal my girl/ Everybody want to take her heart away/ A couple billion in the whole wide world/ Find another one because she belongs to me," the guys sing.

Not surprisingly, fans were totally freaking out over the "perfect" and "amazing" tease that is already "slaying their existence."

The tease of course brought some tears.

And brought some to the point where they can no longer function.

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