Taylor Swift 'Speak Now' Cheat Sheet: Everything You Need To Know!

MTV News digs into the juicy inspirations behind Swift's latest songs.

Taylor Swift may have joked that [article id="1650394"]her boyfriends have "fair warning"[/article] when it comes to ending up in her songs, but it seems that no one in Swift's life is off-limits. On her latest album, Speak Now, which dropped Monday (October 25), the country/'pop chanteuse is fearless in her quest to write what she knows. And while she hasn't confirmed who most of these songs are about, there's much chatter about the inspirations for the album.

[article id="1599032"]Joe Jonas already had his song on Fearless[/article] with "Forever and Always," but this time around, it seems like Swift is taking a melodic jab at Jonas' ex, Camilla Belle. It was rumored that Jonas left Swift for Belle, and the lyrics of "Better Than Revenge" have led many to believe the song is about the actress. "Story starts when it was hot and it was summer," she sings (Swift and Jonas dated in the summer of 2008). Swift then weaves a tale about a girl who comes along and snatches her beau away. Belle and Jonas reportedly met on the set of his "Lovebug" video, where Swift was nowhere to be found.

Swift and "Twilight" star Taylor Lautner famously dated in late 2009, and there are two tracks on the album that may give fans some insight into their relationship. It is widely believed that both "Back to December" and "Story of Us" are about the pair's romance.

While [article id="1649822"]"Back to December"[/article] marks the first time that Swift has ever apologized in a song, [article id="1650585"]"Story of Us"[/article] is a more uptempo track on which Swift laments about all the things that could have been between her and her former lover. It was inspired by a somewhat awkward encounter with an ex at an awards show.

In perhaps the most obvious reference, on the track "Dear John," Swift sings about feeling used by a boyfriend. It's widely believed that [article id="1650325"]this person is John Mayer[/article].

[article id="1646350"]Swift admitted that "Mine"[/article] is about a boy Swift wasn't willing to take the next step with in their relationship. There are two likely candidates: "Glee" star Cory Monteith or "You Belong With Me" co-star Lucas Till. "Mine" male lead Toby Hemingway does bear a striking resemblance to Till.

She's not only addressing her love life on the album, but also her critics. She takes a scathing jab at them on [article id="1650286"]the track "Mean."[/article] She also recalls the [article id="1650042"]now-infamous 2009 VMA incident[/article] with Kanye West on the song "Innocent," about a man who has yet to fully realize the consequences of his actions.

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