The 17 Girlfriends Your Favorite Cartoons Would Grow Up To Be

Here's the future you would've had with your animated childhood crush.

You guys already saw what type of boyfriend various male cartoon characters would make -- and now it's time for the ladies. Whether you were secretly crushin' on Daria, Pocahantas or Trixie Tang, we got you.

1. Angelica Pickles, the high-maintenance spoiled brat

She's the kinda date who doesn't even offer to split the bill when it comes. Heading to a bar after dinner? You know she's only ordering from the top shelf.

2. Ginger Foutley, the ex who writes a Thought Catalog post about you after the breakup

She's got a lot of feelings and they're posted for the entire world to see. While she didn't use your real name, she did share it on Facebook and tagged you. There is no chance you'll ever date any of her Facebook friends.

3. Daria Morgendorffer, the girl with the "IDGAF" attitude

Sarcasm is her native language and she has a resting b*tchface. Dating her is like eating crab legs. If you can get past the tough outer shell, the insides are totally worth it.

4. Tina Belcher, your not-so-secret admirer

Somehow she wormed her way into your extended group of friends and you always catch her staring at you at parties. It's hard to know whether to be flattered or seriously creeped out. It's gonna be SUPER awkward after you drunkenly hook up.

5. Princess Anna of Arendelle, the girlfriend who always wants to do couple-y things together

Like build a snowman and go apple picking. (Sorry.)

6. Lisa Simpson, the girlfriend who is way smarter than you

You're a progressive guy. It shouldn't bother you that your girlfriend is much smarter than you are...except it totally bothers you. It's tough not to feel insecure when you don't understand half of what she's saying. Stick with her though. You'll become smarter just by hanging out with her a lot and chances are, she'll be successful with a high-paying job (which is a whole other thing to feel insecure about).

7. Pocahantas, the one who got away

She's forbidden. In John Smith's case, it's because she's Chief Powhatan's daughter. In your case, it's because she's a graduating senior and you're a lowly freshman. Tough luck. You'll always be haunted by have the memories.

8. Helga Pataki, the girl who can punch harder than you

She can break your face like an MMA fighter. And for some reason, you weirdly like it that way.

9. Penny Proud, the girl who says exactly what's on her mind

If you're tired of women playing games and not telling you what they're really thinking, this is the girl for you. She's sassy and brutally honest and wonderful...if your ego can take it.

10. Eliza Thornberry, the animal lover

Buy her a living, breathing thing -- the more exotic, the better -- and she'll be yours forever. She cares deeply about the environment and judges you for not recycling.

11. Debbie Thornberry, your friend's hot older sister

Of course, you'd never outright admit anything to your friend until years later, probably while roasting him at his bachelor party.

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12. Mulan, the girlfriend who's just one of the guys

She fits in with your friend group, laughs at all the same jokes they do, and your buddies think she rocks. Score!

13. Sandy Cheeks, the girlfriend you can't keep up with

Her energy is never-ending. How does she have so much of it? Where does it all come from? Can't you two just chill on the friggin' couch?

14. Ariel, the girl who patiently listens to you drone on and on about sports

She wants to be part of your world, so she'll quietly listen while you rant about video games or craft beer or whatever else it is you're into. Just understand, eventually you'll have to listen to her talk about her interests, because fair is fair.

15. Sharon Spitz (a.k.a. Braceface), the girl who becomes really attractive overnight

It probably happens when she finally gets her braces off at age 19.

16. Rapunzel, the girlfriend whose hair is literally all over your room

How can such a tiny person shed so much hair? If you find another bobby pin, you're gonna scream.

17. Trixie Tang, the girl who takes you for granted

But it's totally her loss. You're an awesome catch and you know it.

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