Tom Cruise Talks Suri, Stunts And Scrabble On 'Oprah'

'I look at buildings and think, how could I climb it?,' actor says of stunt work.

Maybe the key was that there was no couch this time. When [movieperson id="76079"]Tom Cruise[/movieperson] stopped by "The Oprah Winfrey Show" on Friday (May 14), the Hollywood star and the talk show host each sat on beige chairs, and so there was no chance of repeating his infamous couch-jumping incident in 2005 -- that indelible moment of pop culture history that had Oprah saying, "You're gone!" and the rest of the world agreeing with her.

Or perhaps they'd already moved on, seeing as how the two had already rehashed the wacky episode during a 2008 interview at Cruise's Telluride home. In any event, their talk on Wednesday focused on Cruise's career, his wife, Katie Holmes, and how the couple raises their children in the midst of constant media and paparazzi attention.

"We don't make it a problem," Cruise -- who is one of the [article id="1638360"]presenters at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards[/article] next month -- said. "We don't get nervous about it. You get used to it after so long, and Kate is a very relaxed person, and you just deal with it."

Addressing how his 4-year-old daughter Suri has become a constant presence in tabloid magazines and recognized for her burgeoning fashion sense, he said, "Whatever she wants to wear, she wears it. I'm not going to tell her different. She's got great taste, too. She tells me what to wear."

When Cruise and Holmes are not a film set, they make sure to spend their evenings together at home with their families. "Saturday night we have dinner, and then it's games," he said. "We play Quick Scrabble, and then it's usually movie night. We spend the whole night figuring out what movies we want to see."

Usually they watch new releases, but every so often his kids request to see one of their dad's old flicks. Cruise's upcoming movie is "Knight and Day," an action-comedy co-starring Cameron Diaz. Cruise did almost all his own stunts.

"I'm always thinking of different stunts," he said. "I look at buildings and think, how could I climb it? How could I jump out? I was working on this ... and I said, 'Look, we've got to do something where Cameron is on the bike and I get to flip her around and she shoots guns.' I'm very careful about it when I do it -- very studied, but I enjoy it. When I was a little kid, I used to go up on a roof and jump off the roof into the snow and do flips and stuff, and now I get to do it in movies."

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