'Mayhem & Moombah' Teaser Closes Sazon Booya's 'First Chapter': Watch Here!

With tutelage from Skrillex and Dave Nada, Moombahton group shows their beginnings in short film premiering on Thursday.

Often, explanations of what Moombahton sounds like are met with quizzical reactions: it's slower than the popular progressive and electro house that is all the rage today, with parts reggaeton, hip-hop, house and and other EDM sub-genres mixed in. Get it? No?

MTV News can only invite you to visit the frenzy that is a Sazon Booya show for an instant realization: an amalgamation of sounds that will have you salsa stepping and throwing your hands in the air. We've got a glimpse at their short film right here before Thursday's premiere on For Sazon Booya -- DJ SAV, Mr. Vega and their wily hype impresario, Mystereo -- their first two years in this Moombahton music game have proven yet again that the dance floor never lies.

At the center of the group's origins stands the biggest champion of the underground, Sonny Moore, adored by fans around the world as Skrillex, who brought the SB gents in proximity to one another and served as an early example. After they debuted their first single, "Lluvia," via Moombahton architect Dave Nada's SoundCloud account back in 2011 (track since deleted), SB have released three EPs, opened for Skrillex and had a completely booked 2012 gig calendar.

Their fan reception and beginnings are the subject of a short film directed by Robert Dume, titled "Mayhem & Moombah," which will premiere on Thursday. But the SB boyz were kind enough to send over a trailer for the film which we are serving up for all you fans!

The just-over-a-minute teaser rounds up a collection of explosive performances collected over a year of touring and filming, with choice quotes from DJ SAV and Mr. Vega on their decision to come together, early performance reception and the creative space Moombah provides.

"At first we were reluctant to make [the film] because we felt it could be perceived as premature," SAV told MTV News Monday night. "But the filmmaker, Robert, felt that we had accomplished enough to put together an interesting piece that closes the first chapter of our career."

"I love it," Mr. Vega added on watching the final cut. "I was so happy with how introspective it was."

"It felt surreal watching it," SAV continued. "I still can't believe we've done so much in two years. There's still so much left to do but still... you can't help but feel a sense of accomplishment after watching something like that."

Sazon Booya drops their next EP Oye Mami, on Thursday too.

Make sure you check back with on Thursday for the premiere of the "Mayhem & Moomba" documentary. We'll also be serving up an exclusive stream of brand new track.