Rekindled Romance: Will 'Ex On The Beach''s Nicole And Laurel Get Back Together?

There could be a cold front ahead -- and her name is Allie

"Oh f*ck" is one way to describe seeing your ex -- and that's exactly what Nicole, the first cast member to be blindsided on the beach peak, muttered when she saw her fellow Challenge cohort Laurel. Yes, there's no waves or sand nearby -- but it's still Ex on the Beach...

During this week's Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love premiere, the Invasion of the Champions and Vendettas finalist said that the Free Agents victor, who she dated for nearly a year, was "not nice." She also warned producers that if this was indeed the notorious relationsh*t show, they would "either f*ck or kill." Surprise?


Back to Laurel post-dramatic entrance. "I will always love Nicole," the Fresh Meat 2 alum stated. "Nicole is a player. I suspected she was cheating on me and I'm coming to the peak to get the truth."

And that was indeed the case: Nicole wasn't faithful "the entire time" but claimed she was invested in their relationship.

"I came in here saying I didn't want to move backwards, but it's hard because being around you is comfortable," Laurel confessed to Nicole. "It's nice to see you, and I know that I care about you. I'm confused now."

Nicole vowed that they should "see what happens" -- and shortly after another heart-to-heart, during which Laurel sobbed and confessed that their bond meant a lot to her, the women were kissing.

The interesting twist? Nicole was also getting cozy with fellow single Allie. Temptation Island is very real in these parts.

And the plot will only thicken next week: Laurel tells Nicole that all she does is lie, and Nicole responds with "I'm done." Wonder what spawned that squabble...

Do you think Laurel and Nicole will ease back into their romance, or is their relationship doomed? Be sure to keep watching the two -- and the rest of the Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love gang -- every Thursday at 9/8c.

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