Mark Ruffalo Addresses Those Noah Centineo Comparisons

We're just saying we've never seen Mark and Noah in the same room before

The world seems to think that the To All the Boys I've Loved Before heartthrob Noah Centineo looks just like Mark Ruffalo, who serves us Hulk realness as part of the Avengers squad.

Ruffalo, who happened to be something of a heartthrob himself back in the '90s, just doesn't see it. The 51-year-old headed over to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday (March 13), where Fallon clued him in on the situation and asked if he had any idea it was going on in the first place.

"Are you aware of the comparison that people remaking between you and Noah Centineo? People say you guys look alike," Fallon informed Ruffalo, bringing out a photo of the 22-year-old.

"Wow. That's amazing. He's way better looking than I was. Are you kidding me?" asked Ruffalo, staring at a photo of Centineo alongside a younger image of himself. "I wish I looked like that, I swear to God." The resemblance is uncanny, though, we have to agree.

"He might be able to play my dad one day," Ruffalo joked.

The actor had previously shared a throwback photo of his high school self on Instagram, where the resemblance really jumps out. Whoa, Mark, you're not looking too bad yourself there, you know?

Fallon noted that fans even think the pair even sound alike, which they absolutely do. He shared a quick clip of Centineo talking about their similarities, who noted that he hears it all the time from casting directors.

"I even think I am Mark Ruffalo," he joked, "and space and time is just a weird thing that we can't understand," he quipped with a straight face.

"Noah, you're doing way better than me pal," said Ruffalo.

Later, Centineo himself responded to the segment, hilariously remarking "Son?" in a tweet of his own.

And while Ruffalo can only dream of looking like Centineo, his young doppelgänger has previously shared he'd be totally thrilled with playing a mini Hulk in a Marvel flick.

"I would be so happy to be Young Hulk. I cannot even explain to you," he said when speaking to ET Live. "That would be so dope. He was my favorite Marvel hero, and the fact that Mark Ruffalo plays him is sick."

Yes, this should absolutely be a thing, Marvel. Let's go. There's always room for more Noah and Mark in this world, however you slice it.

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