Rihanna's Giant Padlock Necklace Is Fresh Off The Chanel Runway


How much does Rihanna's necklace weigh, TBH?

Photo: Splash News

It's no secret that Rihanna is all about #phreshofftherunway looks. She's also all about pieces that are #CCcertified AND has shown an affinity for oversized accessories in the past. Thus, a necklace that made its grand debut just last week at Chanel's Fall 2014 runway show is obviously an ideal accessory. Especially if it's a lock so big that it could secure a yacht.

Rihanna must've called dibs on the padlock necklace last week as she was making friends/posing for scrapbook photos during Paris Fashion Week, and Uncle Karl must've hooked her up. Between the gold bike chain and the size of the lock, Rih's neck must be exhausted. What kind of exercises are needed to prepare your neck for such a weighty accessory? Is this called a LOCKet? I have a lot of questions.


A model at Chanel's Fall 2014 runway show during Paris Fashion Week.

Photo: Getty Images

The model who wore the necklace on the runway must have a very strong neck—she wore it with five OTHER layers of chains! While Karl styled this with a silver woven dress for the show, Rihanna went more casual, wearing a backless Anne Sofia Madsen sweatshirt and jeans.

What #phreshofftherunway look do you think Bad Gal Riri will wear next? Will it be #CCcertified? And, most important, will it require vigorous weight lifting as preparation?

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