Heidi Montag And Spencer Pratt Leave 'I'm A Celebrity' Again

The 'Hills' stars have left the jungle for good ... or have they?

The drama surrounding Spencer and Heidi Pratt's fate on NBC's "I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here!" came to a conclusion Monday night (June 8) when the duo announced that they were saying goodbye to the jungle because the conditions had led to Heidi being hospitalized. "We gave it our all that we can, but now it's about health," Spencer said near the end of the two-hour episode. "Doctors are going to be with her the next three days and it's just, you know, we went back in and we proved to ourselves that it wasn't about us. It was a life-changing experience." It was also announced that Heidi's sister and fellow "Hills" star Holly Montag would be taking their place on the show.

Reports over the weekend [article id="1613392"]claimed Heidi's hospitalization was the result of "torture" practices in the "Lost Chamber"[/article] -- a dark room filled with spiders and other creepy crawlies that she and her husband were forced to spend the night in as punishment for leaving the show -- but NBC (as well as the couple's rep) said earlier today that those allegations were [article id="1613471"] "false and inaccurate."[/article] It was revealed on the episode that the reality star left the set via ambulance after throwing up "at least 15 times" almost 24 hours after her stay in the chamber.

While at a local medical center, Heidi told the doctor that the intensity of her pain on a scale of one to 10 was "a four or five." Spencer, who stood by his wife's side as she got an IV, immediately breathed a sigh of relief and said, "I love you so much, baby. ... Jesus loves you more than anyone, baby."

The show's emergency medical specialist, Dr. Jose Martinez, then told the cameras, "With the clinical symptoms that Heidi has right now, I need to take her to a hospital so I can run more labs and tests to determine exactly what it is that's causing this pain."

Meanwhile, back at camp, castmember Lou Diamond Phillips alerted everyone that Heidi had been sent to San Jose for a stomach scan. Janice Dickinson, however, didn't believe the hype. "It's another act ... everything they do is calculated. It's another act." Sanjaya, mocking Speidi's previous religious outpours, chimed in with, "Maybe it's the devil coming out in her."

Eventually, Heidi's test results came back showing that her ultrasound was negative, which meant her pancreas and gallbladder were fine. (She also was told she's not pregnant, which made Spencer do a silent cheer.) "It does seem to be more like we were thinking -- the gastric ulcer or gastritis," the doctor said. Lou once again delivered a "Speidi update" to the cast: "They will not be coming back to camp. They are no longer a part of this competition. They are gone."

Host Myleene Klass left on this note, "Tune in Wednesday ... and find out how the camp reacted to their new arrival [Holly]. So that's it, Heidi and Spencer have gone for good -- or have they? You never know with those two." And looking at their track record prior to the hospital stay -- [article id="1613156"]leaving the show[/article], then [article id="1613184"]reversing their decision[/article] because [article id="1613260"]the devil told them[/article] to "get out of the jungle" -- we definitely don't.

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