Madonna's Manager Confirms That 'Turn Up The Radio' Will Be Next 'MDNA' Single

They say "ask and you shall receive." Well, we asked … and it looks like we are getting what we want.

Guy Oseary, Madonna's hunky Twitter-phile manager, took to the social net this morning to respond to a Madge fan championing "Turn Up the Radio" as the next single from MDNA, saying the song "is feeling like the next single."

Now, we've been pushing for "Radio" to be a single since, well, before MDNA even came out, so this is music to our ears! At the time, we posited that Madonna was knowingly waiting until early summer to give the track an official single release because it's a perfect warm weather tune. The calculated perfectionism of some of Madonna's club jams can leave you feeling a little chilly, but that's not the case with "Radio." During our little pre-release listening party, I scribbled the words "effervescent" and "happy" in my notes.

The track has a propulsive energy that just feels so authentic and alive. It's a big, anthemic dance-pop wonder with glittery synths and fun lyrics. In short, it's a perfect single to reignite interest in MDNA before Madonna hits the road for her world tour.

Are you loving "Turn Up the Radio" as much as we are? Let us kno win the comments below!

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