Would You Pumpkin Spice Your Hair?

Pumpkin Beach Waves Spray. No, I didn't just have a stroke and say the first four words that came to my mind. This is a thing that actually exists for purchase. In this world. In this lifetime.

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I get it. Fall is great. I'm pretty sure everyone in North America agrees, especially on the East Coast (sorry, Cali bbs—but let's be real, you never have to deal with something called "yellow snow," so just get over it). And what's one of the greatest parts o' fall? Pumpkins. Puuuuumpkins pumpkins pumpkins. Pumpkinspumpkinspumpkinspumpkinspumpkins.

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They. Are. Everywhere. In your pie. On your stoop. In your coffee and cookies. Stuck onto the windows of your local bank. And now, you can have them in your hair.

The Gnarly Whale


The folks at The Gnarly Whale know full-well that once that first autumn crisp ripples through the air, people's wallets start ITCHING to buy pumpkin stuff. Enter their Pumpkin Beach Waves Spray. Because we're at a juncture in our lives where we want to look like Fourth of July but smell like Thanksgiving. And science has made that possible.

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If your first reaction is, "I'm confused," I'm right there with you. If you think this is just a gimmick to get fashion writers like myself to cover The Gnarly Whale, well, you're probably right. (And hey, look! It worked!) But also, a little clicking through their site, and it's clear the GW is pretty dedicated to breaking ground in the world of scented hair products—a fact made indelibly clear by the staggering SIX PAGES of scent variations for their Beach Waves hair spray, running from Understandable to I-Don't-Even-Know-What-That-Means.

If you would like to pumpkin spice your hair, you can do so for $12 for an 8-oz. bottle. A small price to pay to make your autumnal dreams a reality.

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