What Robert De Niro And Morgan Freeman Did To Get 'Wild' In 'Last Vegas'

Michael Douglas, Kevin Kline also dish about what happened in Sin City behind the scenes.

In "Last Vegas," an epic team-up with Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Kline that hits theaters Friday (November 1), the foursome head to Las Vegas to have a wildly raunchy bachelor party for their last single friend. And as MTV News found out when we sat down with the cast, what happens in Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas with this group.

In fact, not much of anything happens in Vegas, it turns out. "I've never done anything in Vegas," Freeman joked, with Douglas adding, "I plead the Fifth."

"I once stayed up late and watched TV. It was wild, man," added Kline.

OK, it's not as if nothing happened. One scene in the film finds the group judging a bikini contest. Asked how that all went down, Douglas quipped, "It went up!" with Freeman adding, "Lots of eye candy."

Further contradicting the idea that nothing actually happened on set, Douglas sold out Freeman. "He was always hung over," Douglas said, pointing to Freeman. Freeman ignored him and started joking that things were tense on the set. "It was always something," Freeman said in reference to De Niro. "It was a free-for-all thing for the first week," De Niro joked.

Meanwhile, seems that Kline had a bit of a cross-dressing problem. "That's not in the script, you can't be a woman," Kline claims director Jon Turteltaub "told" him, while the actor protested, "I'm just trying to grow and stretch as an actor."

After prolonging the joke by noting that they used to whip each other with towels on set, Douglas got serious, saying, "It's sad! We all had a good time. We enjoy each other's company and are proud to be working with each other. I wish we had big conflict stories to tell!"

"When you're working with great guys who know what they're doing, there's not a lot of neurotic stuff going on," Kline added.

Douglas brought it all back, though: "And we had cute girls, too!"

Perhaps something happened in Vegas...

"Last Vegas" is in theaters today.