Rae Sremmurd's Slim Jimmy Describes Leg Injury: 'I Thought I Was Gonna Die'

He says he'll be back onstage soon.

With Rae Sremmurd's uncapped energy, anything is possible at one of their shows.

Last Friday, during a set at Governors Ball in New York, that "anything" involved Slim Jimmy cutting his leg on glass and continuing to perform, before being taken to the hospital. So why did Jimmy get back onstage when his leg was all sorts of messed up?

"When I first fell, I thought I was gonna die, so I climbed back up and got onstage, 'cause if I was gonna die, I was gonna be around my n---a," the "No Type" rapper told TMZ.

His brother and groupmate, Swae Lee, had a different thought: "I was like, Man, you gotta stop doing crazy stuff."

Something tells me that won't happen, though. And it's probably good that the crazy stuff will continue -- as long as the fellas put safety first.

Jimmy says once he gets the staples out, he'll be ready to hit the stage again.

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