Chance The Rapper Helps Us Celebrate The Last Christmas Before President Trump On 'SNL'

'Manchester By The Sea' star Casey Affleck makes his hosting debut

Casey Affleck hosted Saturday Night Live last night (December 17), promoting his new film, potential Oscar contender Manchester By The Sea. It was Affleck's first time hosting the show. There are more important things to discuss about Affleck than his performance on SNL, so let's jump right to the musical guest, Chance The Rapper.

Chance, who returned for his second set of performances on the show, also appeared in the night's best sketch, "Jingle Barack."

A rewrite of Run DMC's "Christmas In Hollis," this sketch features Kenan Thompson and Chance dressed as 80s b-boys celebrating the last Christmas with Barack Obama as president.

Half a wonderful tribute to Obama, and half a warning of the dark years to follow under President Trump, the video depicts a Christmas party where the gifts are birth control and legal weed, Jesus breakdances, and Leslie Jones is waiting under the mistletoe for Joe Biden.

Here are some of the night's other top sketches:

To Hillary, You Are Perfect

This parody of Rick Grimes's silent attempt to woo his best friend's wife from Love, Actually instead features Hillary Clinton appearing at the house of an electoral college elector in an attempt to get her to vote for anyone but Donald Trump.

"Pooty" Celebrates Christmas WIth Donald Trump

Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump returns for a Christmas visit from shirtless Vladimir Putin (Beck Bennett). Putin comes bearing gifts (an Elf On The Shelf) and gets reunited with future Secretary of State Rex Tillerson (John Goodman), who is excited to see his old friend "Pooty."

The Dunkin Donuts By Manchester By The Sea

We'll give Affleck this one; his best performance of the night was the one where he (surprise!) acted like a Masshole at a New England Dunkin Donuts. I, for one, am shocked at how easily he slipped into the role.

Miss Rafferty Returns

What might be Kate McKinnon's funniest recurring character returns to recount being abducted by one of Santa's helpers, a giant goat-man named Krinklemaus. Of course, Miss Rafferty talks about losing her pants, working in the reindeer stables, and meeting an elf named Shart while chainsmoking and using several inappropriate euphemisms for her nether regions.

SNL is taking about a month off before returning January 14th with Felicity Jones and Sturgill Simpson. See you in the new year.

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